Content That Audiences Remember

Too technical, and audiences get lost. Too basic, and audiences get bored. Recycled from another presentation, and your audience may have seen it all before.

Dana customizes her delivery and supporting materials to each unique audience because a one-size-fits-all approach barely even works for hats. Her delivery medium is also flexible — conference opening keynotes, closing keynotes, talks, workshops, sessions, panels, webinars, videos, presentations to teams and departments within organizations, training for small groups — Dana is happy to discuss which format will work best to give your audience the boost they need.

For help determining what your audience needs or to discuss a new topic with Dana, please get in touch here. A sample of popular topics that Dana presents on are below.

Your Marketing Team is Larger Than You Think

How can multi-location businesses deliver consistent but customized brand experiences at scale? The people working in each of your locations have the potential to be a part of your marketing team – can you trust them with your brand?

Leading a Customer-Centric Organization

Customers should be at the center of everything you do at an organization. But how do you get there? Learn practical strategies and tactics to understand how to navigate this complex process and get buy-in across your entire company.

Your Job is Insights, Not Data

It’s easy to get data about your customers and the way they engage with your companies. But do you know what to do with that data? Instead of playing catch up with last quarter’s information, learn how to build reports and processes that put the insights first. Marketing and financial decisions are smarter and faster when insights are always available.

Understanding Digital Marketing

Marketers are great at marketing — unfortunately for you, that means that sometimes you get the steak, and sometimes you just get the sizzle. In this session, Dana will cover how to determine if a digital marketing agency is right for you and what you need to know before hiring one— including a list of questions you absolutely have to ask. After this session, you'll understand which digital marketing metrics are useful and which just make agencies look "good". You'll have a better understanding of what makes a budget realistic and you will be prepared to make a smarter investment in your overall marketing strategy.

Moving to Digital-First

When your customer wakes up in the morning, they grab for their phone. So why is it that when you plan your advertising spend, you reach for the offline sources first? Offline may still be a key part of your marketing mix, but digital needs to be first. It isn’t just about choosing technology or tweeting before you consider print — it’s a culture and process shift that will change how your operate. Learn how to build a comprehensive strategy that will truly put digital first.

Personas and User-Centered Design

Personas have gotten a bad rap — but they aren’t the characters for your next great novel — they’re segments of your actual audience that you need to reach. Studying real people and real data will stop your guessing and ensure you start hitting your goals. You will know that you are providing the right things (design, content, calls-to-action, etc.) at the right time, to the right people.