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SearchLoveSan Diego

SearchLove San Diego

March 13, 2023 | Kona Kai Resort | San Diego, CA

Transforming Analytics Data Into Useful Marketing Insights with Looker Studio

Wouldn’t it be great to have a report that’s actually actionable? A report where you can immediately see where your resources should be prioritized, and where you’re wasting your time? Lots of analytics providers promise this, but the result is usually yet another page views and sessions by channel report. We can do better. In this talk, Dana will walk you through combining data sources in Looker Studio to build insightful and actionable dashboards.


Marketing Analytics Summit

June 19, 2023 | Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa | Las Vegas, NV

GA4 isn’t just Universal Analytics with a new coat of paint — it’s a whole new way of measuring website and app engagement. With the Universal Analytics sunset date looming, it’s time to get hands on with GA4. This workshop will teach you not only how to use GA4, but how to rethink your analytics implementations to truly take advantage of everything GA4 has to offer.

Dana orients you to the important differences that make all the difference. A new user interface and a new lens to view your data mean you’ll need this crash course in how to see the sort of reports you are used to, as well as understanding how events, events, events are now the name of the game. Standard reports are out the door and creating custom events for custom reports and dashboards are in the house.

But that’s just half the workshop. Dana helps you acclimate to new types of advanced features and settings that will get you up and running from a stand still. This is where you make the move from GA Universal user to GA4 pilot. It’s time to up your game.