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April 27, 2018 | Brighton Centre | Brighton, UK

The Math Behind Effective Reporting
In this talk, Dana will teach you how to create calculated metrics in Google Data Studio so your reports aren’t covering the same basic metrics that everyone is — they actually show how marketing channels affect profits. You’ll walk away with an understanding of how to communicate real results, and a sample report that you can customize for your company or clients.

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SMX Advanced

June 13, 2018 | Bell Harbor International Conference Center | Seattle, WA

Google has been moving to improve local search on several fronts, and the changes should be embraced by anyone who relies on geotargeting as a primary means of attracting customers. This session will cover an array of crucial topics, from how to take more control over your business-specific information to maximizing impact with local ads – plus probable future changes. Join our expert speakers to explore the rapidly evolving local marketing landscape and how marketers can best leverage new opportunities.



July 9, 2018 | Washington State Convention Center | Seattle, WA

Traffic vs. Signal

With an ever-increasing slate of options in tools like Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio, marketers of all stripes are falling prey to the habit of “I’ll collect this data because maybe I’ll need it eventually,” when in reality it’s creating a lot of noise for zero signal.

We’re still approaching our metrics from the organization’s perspective, and not from the customer’s perspective. Why, for example, are we not reporting on (or even thinking about, really) how quickly a customer can do what they need to do? Why are we still fixated on pageviews? In this talk, Dana will focus our attention on what really matters.

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Learn Inbound

September 13, 2018 | The Mansion House | Dublin, Ireland

Dana will be returning to Learn Inbound this September. Topic will be announced soon!


Social Travel Summit

September 25, 2018 | The Merchant Hotel | Belfast, Northern Ireland

Turning Ideas into Actions: Developing a Realistic Plan

You’ve learned many new tactics and tools today — now how will you turn those ideas into a plan that you can actually implement? How do you decide what is worth doing and what isn’t going to help you get to where you need to be? In this talk, Dana will teach you how to turn data into insights that help you prioritize realistic goals. She will provide guidelines to help you build an action plan that integrates online, offline, pay-to-play, partnering strategies, and content marketing. You’ll leave with a better understanding of what makes a budget realistic and the ability to invest more effectively in your marketing strategy.