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Your audience wants to learn, to be challenged, and to be entertained.

Dana uses memorable visuals and actual data from real and recent experiments to illustrate digital marketing industry trends and new concepts, and discusses tools that audience members can use to help them in their jobs (whether they are in-house or agency-side). She also uses her polite Canadian wit to connect with audiences and makes seemingly dense topics such as “How to Implement Google Tag Manager” engaging and accessible.

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Who is Dana?

Dana DiTomaso is President and Partner at Kick Point, a professional speaker, the technology columnist for CBC Edmonton, and a very forgiving Hamilton Tiger Cats fan.

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What Does Dana Do?

Dana ensures that her audiences learn how to use actual data, audience research, brand strategy, and reporting to make smarter business and marketing decisions.

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Organizer & Attendee Feedback

We brought Dana to speak at CTAConf once and then promptly brought her back again. Why? Because she has excellent content, is very informative and more than anything is heartfelt in her work and this translates on stage beautifully and authentically. She knows her stuff inside out and gives the audience tons of clear, valuable information.

—Stefanie Grieser, Call To Action Conference Founder